~ Arm In Arm, We’ll Win the Fight, It’s Always Been Our Dream! ~

Seriously, if you call yourself a ‘nerd’ and you go with the crowd when they say “Pokemon is childish!”, then you’re not a real nerd. This feller here, I spent my childhood with, way back from ’96, all the way to the present (I’m referring to the Gameboy, today Nintendo DS games ofcourse). I played every single one and I’m proud of it!

Putting on glassless glasses (well isn’t that a mouthful? Especially if you’ve had a few!), holding a controller or a Gameboy, or wearing plaid shirts just for a picture does not make you a nerd. Truly enjoying certain things when no one sees you does ;)

My Buddy says hi!

My Outfit!


 Tattoo: Schwarz – Dragon Tattoo

Hair: *Drot* Tommy- Chocolate


Shirt: <kal Rau> Plaid Shirt Mesh_Brown_Tee 08 (New Mesh!)

Pants: Armidi Limited – (M) Lowrise Jeans Stitch [Blue]

Kicks: HOC Apparel – Hocs Lowtops tied male



Glasses: A:B glass black

GameBoy: [Stank] Game Boy Color 1.1

Bean Bag: [-p-] Snorlax BeanbagChair [BLACK]

Poses, once again by me!


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