Epoch is Open!

EPOCH is opened!

Seriously, go and check the sims out! They consist out of a Landing Zone called Creator’s Cafe and three other sims that you can get to by finding TP Zones from the Landing Site.

They’re called Art of Escher, Beast and Clowning! Every Sim has its own theme and products according to one another. In any case, bunch of awesome creators, so go support them by dropping by, saying hi, or getting something for yourself or your loved ones!

Taken at the amazing Creator’s Cafe, built by fabulous Sue Yootz and Anya Ohmai!

In addition to these, EPOCH – Legends, got on the Phoenix, Viewer 3 and SL Destination Guide front page today and I was lucky enough to get my photo snapped (by an anonymous resident) and featured!

I’m wearing:

Hair and Hairbase:
*Dura-Boys&Girls*27(Dark Brown)

[Sleepy Eddy] Classic Safari jacket (Black) (NEW @ Epoch’s Beast!)

Shirt and Belt:
::[ Mr.Poet ]::Turtleneck_Black/Shirt

-Entente- Classic Jean – Slim – Symphony (NEW!)



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