{ Bug Catcher Wade meets Class Clown }

Only nerds will get this!

Alright, nevermind that, nevermind that! I decided to throw on two similar outfits, that should depict this transition between winter and spring time. Spring is almost here and I can’t wait for it to start!

I simply wanted atleast one Clowning item from Epoch and to be quite honest…this is the only one I liked >.> The Groucho Mask! :D Second outfit is depicting spring time, shorts, sandals, catching bugs and all that jazz…plus Beetlebones has new kewt stuff :3

I swear, next post will be manlier <.< anyways…

Homage to all Bug Catchers and those who have problems with tall grass and itchiness…hahahahaha!

What I’m wearing:

Winter Time Clothes:

Hair & Hat:
Tiny Bird & Reek – Merritt’s Hat (Guys) – Deep Brown

[ NERD.P ] One button Cardigan beige

Mickey ::Maschienenwerk:: T (free)

Armidi Limited – Low Rise Chinos [Beige]

*chronokit* layer boots 01 Brown

!Ohmai: EPOCH Groucho Mask

Spring Time Clothes:

[ NERD.P ] One button Cardigan beige

::BB::Baily Utility Mesh Shorts (SAND) NEW at BeetleBones!

Mickey ::Maschienenwerk:: T (free)

Sandals & Feet:
::BB:: Gomu Sandals w/mesh Feet NEW at BeetleBones!

Bug Net:
HPMD* Happiness Catcher


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