~ Procastrinator Strikes Back ~

WOW! I bet now you understand the name of my blog ;)

In any case, I finally moved to the US. I only flew from one part of the world to another :P This is my first post after a month. Wow a month…Anyways, this is what I came up with!

This absolutely amazing Mesh Hoodie and Low Tops come from Snow Bristol and his awesome store called Super Kingdom and are a real bargain, only 99 Lindens each! Absolute must have! :D They’re both fully customizable, Hoodie coming with a HUD (featured) and Low Tops coming in 9 colors + 1 blank pair for your own coloring, once again, 99 Ls each!

Another Item that I’d like to point out are long expected, new AITUI mesh ears, Generation 3. They also come with a fully customizable HUD, from sizing to earrings visibility, skin change (featured) and can contain all of your plugs, tunnels and tapers (purchased separately), all in one! Very easy to operate as well!

And here are the HUDS for both Hoodie and the Ears! Very cool, and like I said before, easy to operate!

All of these Low Tops for 99 Lindens only!

What I’m wearing:

*Dura-Boys&Girls*27(Dark Brown)resize

AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Solid Plug 1″ (NEW!)

Hoodie & Shirt:
4: Mesh Hoodie: Medium (MESH, only 99 Ls!)

Armidi Limited – (M) Lowrise Jeans – Stitch [Blue]

Low Tops: Green (MESH, only 99 Ls!)


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