~ On the Edge ~

So! New day, new post!
This time my outfit is inspired by a really cool game called “Mirror’s Edge”. I played this game for so long and when I discovered there are pants inspired by the in-game pants, I just couldn’t resist.
These pants and shoes are both one item mesh, but I have to warn you, if you consider on buying them, mesh isn’t quite well rigged. However I really don’t mind it and for 150 Ls, they’re a bargain!
Also to follow up with this outfit, I made a Pose set called “On the Edge” inspired by “Mirror’s Edge” which is to be announced, so keep your eyes open for it on my flickr!

-Shown in Photos-

::eXpression:: Poses – On The Edge (TBA)


Pants and Shoes:
“Aa” Parkour pants

Mesh Men’s Tank top -LPL – Mesh by aVISTYLe**

**DECO – MESH SlingPack (magma)**

Fruk Freckles & Guyliner

L.Fauna Serious Freckles [Pale2]

Tattoo and Make-Up:
Custom made by me


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