~ Comic Freak ~

Aaaand the first post of August!
Haven’t really had time for SL for a while, being summer, training and all that jazz, but now I’m here and I’m bringing you a casual outfit for your casual every day.
I’ve been wearing this outfit ever since Villena came out with this jacket, but like I said I didn’t have time to snap pics, edit and all that.
Safe to say this is yet again one of the best mesh pieces I’ve worn in a while, not to mention affordable for such quality. Same jacket with slight difference in colors will be released in the August rotation of the Mens Department, so be sure to get it (P.S. Mens Department items vary from 75 to 150Ls in price, so it’s gonna be a real bargain!)!
Other than that, I’ve watched the Dark Knight Rises recently and decided to pose with this pose prop.
Here we go:

-Shown in Photos-

Prop & Pose:
::eXpression:: Poses – Comic Nerd: Batman

*Drot* Tommy- Chocolate

-Entente- Colour Jeans – Homme – Cuffs

[BG] EasyMod Belt

AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Tunnel Hybrid 1″

.:villena:. – Jacket MonoBeige Male

*ordinary* -Tarsius- CP Limited edition


One thought on “~ Comic Freak ~

  1. oh first time i see your blog..really like your shape and fashion style, nice to see someone look different than juss another clone lol

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