~ Calm ~

I’m on a roll! :D
And back with a completely new blog theme, which I simply LOVE :)

Anyways, I had a bit of a free time (read boredom), so I decided to blog about a couple of new releases (or well fairly new).
First one is this T-Shirt and Polo from Kal Rau that comes with a handy HUD which is able to switch between 30 different T textures and able to tint your polo shirt for almost unlimited options for your styles. Really cool!
Second release are these cute Teddy shoes from Tyler Park, they’re just adorable you just have to have them. They come in several different bear colors (haha), but to be honest, I just prefer Panda + it’s even cuter!

Handy Kal Rau’s HUD, up close.

-Shown in Photos-

::eXpression:: Poses – Peter (TBA)

[BURLEY] Kyle_DBrown06

-Entente- Au Fait Jeans – Homme – Antique

T & Polo:
<kal rau> Basic T-shirt + Polo

Tyler Park – Teddy Shoes – Panda


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