~ Elven Oblivion ~

Hi guys, happy September!
I hope all of you had a fantastic summer :)
I’ve been very busy, preparing for my martial arts graduation IRL & creating new poses for the upcoming Cinema 2012 event in SL (My store got accepted with Action/Adventure movie themed genre!). I’ll be reviewing that event shortly before it opens, but for more info, if you’re interested, click here.

Anyhow, to start things off in a new month, I decided to enter a photo contest which theme was; Elves, and to my own surprise, I’ve won!
As much as I appreciate the monetary prize, I’m more excited by the fact that the other part of the prize is a picture done by the amazingly talented Ponyo Kozlov, whose stream and the astonishing work she does, can be viewed here.

So excited! But with no further a due, here’s my contest entry and all the credits that go with it:

-Shown in Photos-

::eXpression:: Poses – Custom Archer Pose

Mesh Hair:
/Wasabi Pills/ Dragon Mesh Hair – MALE – Browns Pack

Mesh Outfit:
::: B@R ::: Breastplate

Mesh Elf Ears:
Lovely_Alien SimpleElfEars_FourPack

Bow and Arrow:
Tee*fy Epoch Legend Hunt the Beast (Arrow Bag and Bow)


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