– Moment –

Haven’t blogged in while! Sorry, I was way too busy with our Cinema items and the set up for the event.
I have a few outfits in mind for the following days, but I can’t promise how much I’ll be able to blog, since I decided to try and learn new modeling programs. I apologize in advance!

Alright, to cut to the chase, this time I’m presenting *chronokit*’s new button up shirt that’s available in 9 plain, 6 checked, 6 polka dot, 3 striped and 3 gingham checked colors/versions. You can view them all in detail by clicking here.
For this look, I had my avatar wear jeans from not.so.bad, but to keep a certain amount of class, I decided to go with these formal shoes from VBS (original mesh and only 150L on marketplace!)
P.S. Let’s not forget about this awesome hair from Dura for their 2nd Anniversary, you can pick it up for free in their mainstore!

-Shown in Photos-

::eXpression:: Poses – Peter (TBA)

*Dura* The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Dark Brown)

*chronokit* Shirts 04 Striped SKy

Not so Bad – MUNGO Jeans – Faded

Not so Bad – MUNGO belt – Camel

VBS`Mesh: Formal Strong Classic: BlackMoon


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