~ Home ~

~ I really enjoyed making this photo and ultimately this blog post.

The whole scene, from the outfit to the setting, reminded me of when I was just a kid and used to hang out at my grandma’s house on the weekends.
Sadly, my grandma passed away just a few weeks ago and I only found out last week. And eventhough we weren’t as close as I was growing up to my teenage years and into adulthood, I still thought of her the same.
I always thought of death as something different. While sad, at the same time, for me is a celebration of life of those who passed on. So don’t cry or feel bad, because those who we mourn, are surely in a better place than the one we’re in. ~

I wanted to leave the post with that, but I really want to credit the amazing designers that made this look possible.
First off, Apple Falls amazing mesh skybox with all the accessories, inspired by the renowned mangaka Miyazaki Hayao‘s Howl’s Moving Castle. Seriously, one of my favorite animes from him, with Porco Rosso and Princess Mononoke. Love it.
Next off, I love how this cute animal beanie from Kari complements the awesome hoodie from FATEwear. Down to jeans in regular color from Not So Bad and a special group gift from Balkanik.

That’s all for today, and I promise I’ll be back with a new look, very soon!

-Shown in Photos-

::eXpression:: Poses – Peter (TBA)

Kari – A Goat Hat

*Dura-Boys&Girls*27(Dark Brown) [Modded to fit the beanie]

FATEwear Jacket – Marshall – SandyQuagmire

Not so Bad – MUNGO Jeans – Regular

Not so Bad – MUNGO belt – Red

Vintage_BLACK Group Gift [BLK2.0]

[Apple Fall] CINEMA Workshop (fin) @ Cinema

[Apple Fall] CINEMA Accessories @ Cinema (All Available separately)

Tissue Box:
[XeroTree] TissueBox


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