~ Slender ~

Previous post inspired me to make more Halloween themed posts. This time I’m bringing you -etam-‘s brand new Slender Man mesh avatar. Being a HUGE Slender Man fan, I just had to review this excellent piece of mesh.

For those of you who do not know who Mr. Slender is, here’s some links.
Slender Man bio found here.
Ultimately creepy Youtube channel that closely follows a couple of young film students and their Slender Man encounters (had me screaming while watching haha), found here.
And the most popular one, The Slender game, found here.

Now a bit about -etam-‘s release. Following the successful track pants which included a ton of HUD options, this Slendy avatar has everything you need to spook your loved ones, or just random people. And here’s why.
The item comes in two options (with and without tentacles) with a HUD which changes skin color, 6 different tie textures, and wait for it…the option to become invisible and then back visible when you’re close to your victim. And let’s not forget 8 Slender notes for decoration or to play to find them, like in the game.

Avatar is extremely well made and there’s no doubt you’ll have massive amounts of fun with it, as I sure did :)

Slender HUD

Shown in Photos:

-etam- – Slender Man Avatar (MESH)


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