~ Pleasant ~

Back again, and with a few new releases! Hope I’m not boring you with posting every day :P
This time I’m featuring new Sey’s Cutoff Unisex shirt and Mandala’s fabulous mesh stretched ears.

Both come with a HUD which are simply amazing.
Mandala’s features more than 370 (!) different textures for plugs, tunnels, piercings and the diamond, and Sey’s 5 shirt + 5 base textures, 12 undershirt and 12 belt textures, with the option of tilting every color.
Crazy finds this week and they’re all a steal, considering what they include!

Blog shot.

Mandala’s Ears close-up.

Sey’s Fat Pack HUD options.

-Shown in photos-

::eXpression:: Poses – Ichiro

*Aotreo* Sid – ChocolateT2

:SEY Ensemble & Cut-off / Mesh, Unisex

Not so Bad – MUNGO Jeans – Faded

Not so Bad – MUNGO belt – Red

Vintage_BLACK Group Gift [BLK2.0]



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