~ The Aviator ~

FATEwear came up with a new release of clothes, perfect for these autumn days!
Today I’m wearing denim jacket with fleece interior lining and their new line of scarves called Harry. 1 Harry scarf color pack includes 6 (!) versions of wearing options and comes in 10 (!) sizes, so you can easily adjust to any other clothes you desire to wear them with.
To complement my aviator look, I’ve put on Aviator glasses from Emery, low rise chinos from Armidi and these really cool boots from Miel (come in female sizes as well) that are highly customizable to fit (sculpted boots). They also include a recoloring system to change various textures (socks, boot, laces, leather, bottom).

James Jacket in all colors

Harry Scarves – Color Chart

P.S. I really, really like my posts to be with a theme. That’s why it sometimes takes me a while to get the blog post done. When I do a plain post, believe me, I was in a rush, or I was rushed to post.
For the theme I usually choose, I have to find the appropriate location, props and finally a pose (that I custom create for the purpose of the post). Angle of the shot and the lighting contribute a great deal and are of the essence to capture a perfect moment and present the clothes I blog about. So please bare with me, because I believe that it’s quality posts and photos what my readers and featured designers deserve.

-Shown in Photos-

Custom by Me

-Entente- Laurent Hair – Brown

FATEwear Scarf – Harry – Quagmire

FATEwear Jacket James – Quagmire

Schaudenfraude Button-Up – Ivory

FATEwear Willard Suit Tie – Void

Armidi – Low Rise Chinos – Beige

:SEY Double-Hole Belt_A (plain)

FATEwear Gloves – Dexter – London

MIEL – Timber Boots – Natural

Emery – Sunglasses Aviator (Gold Frames)


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