– Chill –

Guess who’s back?!
That’s right! I have a new computer and I’m up and running. I’ve mostly been busy with RL and building, but I should be back to blogging atleast once or twice a week! Keep in mind this is my hobby, and I can’t make this into something that might seriously steal time away from my priorities.
So let’s get to it!
I missed my blogging anniversary, so I’ll just go on with it like normal :)

Today I’m wearing modern/casual type of outfit and to be honest, my av feels great in it!
I started the look off with FATEwears Andy Jacket and Shirt combo, perfect for spring. This jacket can be worn in multiple styles (also available with a HUD that offers extra textures not available separately) such as opened, half-opened and closed. For more information, please check this link out.
Out of the other clothing, some of the stuff I’ve already blogged about, so I’d love to get on to the things I didn’t.
Over the past 3 months, 2REAL has been releasing more and more mesh shoes and to be quite honest, they’ve all been top notch quality, they just can’t disappoint! Today I’m wearing Holbrookz shoes which come with a HUD that has 14 different colors and 7 unique designs. As usual, you can choose between two different lace styles.

Blog 17-4Look of the Day

FATEwear Jacket and Shirt Andy *Courtesy of http://www.damienfate.com

2REAL Holbrookz *Courtesy of http://2realfootwear.wordpress.com

[taketomi] – Michi DBrown06

Jacket & Shirt:
FATEwear – Jacket – Andy

-Entente- – Au Fait Jeans


Redgrave – ZENITH / V1.1


:SEY – Double-Hole Belt_A

Coffee Cup:
Atelier Kreslo – To-Go Cup


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