About the Blog

Procrastinating With Style” is a new Blog of my own (I was a part of the shared Blog called Caja Musical before, which is now on Tumblr), meant for me to post about the things I wear and like in the Virtual World of Second Life. That means I’ll mostly blog about men’s clothes, but that doesn’t mean I’m limiting it to clothes only!

Casual wear is what you can expect to see here, with the few exceptions of fancy clothing. Most of the poses I’ll be using in my posts are probably going to be custom, and my own creations. However, if you find any liking to them, feel free to contact me!

I’m highly selective of the skins I wear. I don’t wear what’s hip, I don’t wear what the cool kids wear, I wear what I like wearing, therefore, I’ll mostly be in my Dendou skins that are, unfortunately unavailable due to Dendou Mainstore closing :( Nevertheless if I see a skin I like and it fits my current shape, I’ll wear it, until then…

P.S. Even though I do manipulate pictures in Photoshop to bring out the colors, I am in no way manipulating the items I am blogging about, to make them look better


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